pb33f manifesto

Our foundations and core beliefs.
a cowboy riding on a cyber horse


In 2011, Marc Andreessen said, “software is eating the world.” In 2023, AWS, Netflix, Shopify, Airbnb, Hashicorp, and a thousand other examples in the market demonstrated this reality.

The value we can create through software is limitless.

To develop good software, we need good software Developers, Engineers, Coders, Hackers, Architects or what ever your preferred title is.

Generally, the tools and materials used to make a product determine the quality of the product outcome.

A dull chisel will always hinder a skilled carpenter, and a guitar with broken strings won’t sound as brilliant as it could, no matter how experienced the musician.


To us, software professionals are artisans. They paint with code, creating software with all the skill, passion, and determination as master craftspeople. They, like all artists, need good quality tools.

Software engineers value high-quality tools and utilities that enable them to make incredible software.

Those engineers will carry those tools wherever they go and use them for whatever they build.

We also believe engineers make do with low-quality or poor-performing tools all the time.

Temperamental, slow, inaccurate, or easily broken developer tools cost those engineers billions of dollars in lost productivity and bring frustration and irritation.

We are misfits, troublemakers. Always unsatisfied with the status quo. We do not fit into a group and cannot be categorized.


Our mission is to create high-strength, enterprise-grade, and beautiful developer tools for everyone, everywhere.

We build tools that work out of the box and run at lightning speed.

We make tools that will scale from small, independent hobbyists to mega-corp enterprises with tens of thousands of engineers.


Our philosophy is that simplicity and developer experience comes first, and it does not belong in our product line if it does not spark joy in an engineer’s heart.


Our vision exists as four goals.

  • We create specific tools that solve fundamental gaps in the marketplace.
  • Our tools have the best developer experience on the planet.
  • Our tools all work together, and they all seamlessly integrate.
  • Developers can assemble our tools into entire platforms.

We have been hacking code using terrible tools for over a quarter of a century.

We exist to tip the balance of power back to developers.