libopenapi Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions and answers about libopenapi

In case you have any questions about libopenapi, here are some common questions and answers.

Q: Does it provide validation?

  • Answer: Yes!

We created a new module called the libopenapi-validator.

Q: Does it support relative and remote references?

  • Answer: Yes.

Both are fully configurable and can be turned on or off. Read more about configuring remote and relative references.

Q: How do you handle complex extension types?

  • Answer: We built a function called UnpackExtensions() to handle it.

This isn’t our most ideal API, we’re working on a better one, but for now read more about complex extensions.

Q: Can I customize rules in what-changed?

  • Answer: No, the rules are fixed and hard-coded.

We’re not planning on making them configurable, part of the appeal of the engine is that it decides what is a breaking change based on using that contract as state. State changes are non-negotiable and some state changes are guaranteed to cause consumers to break.

Q: I use libopenapi in my project, can I sponsor it?

Sponsors get a logo and a mention in our README on github.