Console command

Explore OpenAPI changes in your terminal

We think terminal UIs are cool.

If you do too, then the console command is what you’re looking for.

To use the console with one of our examples, check out the code and run the following command:

openapi-changes console ./ sample-specs/petstorev3.json

You should see something like this:

Keyboard controls

At any point, you can press Ctrl-C, or hit Escape a few times to exit the console.

The keyboard is focused in the top/first box on the screen.

Press Up or Down to move between commits if there is more than one.

Press Enter or Return to select a commit.

Press Up or Down to move between changes in the tree.

Press Enter or Return to view a simple diff of the change.

Press Escape to return to the commit selection box.

Press Escape once more to escape the console.