Run wiretap in headless mode

Stream violations to a file.

Avoid the Monitor UI

To use wiretap as a part of a pipeline or to integrate it into your CI/CD process, you can run wiretap in headless mode.

This will run wiretap as normal, except the violations that are captured will be streamed to a file.

This is in addition to being streamed to the monitor UI.

Use the --stream-report / a flag to stream violations to a file:

wiretap --stream-report -u -s my-openapi-spec.yaml

By default the violations will be streamed to wiretap-report.json in the current working directory. You can change this by using the --report-filename / f flag:

wiretap -u -s my-openapi-spec.yaml \ --stream-report \ --report-filename ../../reports/my-report.json

The report file will be created if it doesn’t exist, and will be overwritten if it does exist.

wiretap can be stopped whenever everything is captured, the log is streamed, so you can stop it at any time.