An enterprise grade OpenAPI & swagger library for golang.
golang gopher wearing a pink super hero cape with the word libopenapi printed on the stomach and underneath

If you’re a golang developer, and you’re looking for a library to parse OpenAPI specifications that:

  • Provides compatibility with all versions of OpenAPI?
  • Provides a high and low level API for models?
  • Provides a diff engine for models?

Then you can stop looking, you found it.

libopenapi has full support for Swagger (OpenAPI 2), OpenAPI 3, and OpenAPI 3.1.

It can handle the largest and most complex specifications you can think of. It was designed for use in enterprise grade and mission-critical applications.

Quick-start tutorial

Our chief buckaroo has written an article on how to get up and running quickly with libopenapi.

Read the API docs at

Just get started

Install libopenapi »